Bricata Data Sheet

Bricata Data Sheet

White Paper: BIY or BUY

White Paper:
Should you BIY or 
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White Paper: IDS/IPS 

White Paper:
IDS/IPS: The Most Useful Threat Detection Tool You Have


Bricata Solutions

Bricata’s next generation intrusion prevention solutions (NGIPS) are cost-effective, commercial-grade network security systems optimized for multi-location and high bandwidth deployments. Built on the advanced open source IPS engines Bro and Suricata, Bricata delivers efficient enterprise-class solutions that combine signature-based detection with network and behavioral analysis. The result is a high performance system that improves detection rates, alert efficacy, manageability, and performance at wire speed.

A New Breed of Defense

Bricata's solutions include appliance and virtual options for various deployment scenarios including small office and retail store profiles, enterprise sized perimeter defense, as well as core data center network deployments which are ideal for identifying lateral movement and propagation of security threats inside the network.

  • Integrated multi-layer inspection for more comprehensive and accurate threat detection
  • Enterprise scalability with centralized management 
  • Easy deployment, operation and maintenance
  • Simplified signature, script and policy management in a web-based GUI
  • Integrated threat intelligence with daily updates
  • Highly accurate signatures and flexible scripting to identify complex Indicators of Compromise ( IOCs)
  • Rich context around security incidents to expedite investigations and remediation 
  • SOC / IR workflow improvements with integrations into the SIEM / log management infrastructure, ETRM solutions and Automated Malware Analysis solutions

Bricata's solutions offers the flexibility and speed organizations demand to adapt to changes in threats and adversary behaviors. Our open standards and open architecture offer easy integration with other security systems while substantially reducing total cost of ownership.

Ideal for Remote Locations, Data Centers, and Core Networks

Many organizations have numerous remote locations that present possible vectors for adversaries, such as retail stores, bank branches, clinics, offices, or even forward deployed government and military sites. Historically, deploying network-based security solutions to all these locations was cost prohibitive or impractical.  Bricata’s high performance, small form factor appliances and virtual solutions make large scale enterprise deployment much more affordable while delivering superior protection and enhanced situational awareness.