Protecting Critical Vectors

Enterprise security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.  In many cases that link is a remote office, retail outlet, clinic, partner, forward deployed military installation, or other networked location outside the protection of the central network. These can be valuable vectors for adversaries. Historically, deploying high-performance network security solutions at those locations was cost-prohibitive or impractical.

With Bricata’s high-efficiency IPS sensors and an intuitive, automated Central Management Console, enterprise-wide threat monitoring is an affordable reality. Bricata’s CMC simplifies enterprise sensor management with sensor discovery, remote configuration and management, advanced visualization tools and simple search and browse capabilities. Our wizard-style policy management and custom signature creation takes the burden out of large-scale deployments. Alerts can be viewed locally on the console, or forwarded to your SIEM for centralized correlation and management.

Small Devices. Big Results.

Bricata delivers high-efficiency performance from 500 Mbps to 42 Gbps in small form factor appliances as well as VM and Cloud deployment options. For the first time, deploying essential IPS sensors from the branch to the core is affordable and easy.

Our MX500 appliance is ideal for this situation. A solid state desktop device that is only 
4" x 4" x 2", the MX500 can handle inspection speeds up to 500 Mbps. Color coded for easy installation, the MX500 can be deployed in nearly any location. It is also available in a HIPAA-compliant model for healthcare facilities, making it a perfect solution for physician's offices, clinics, labs, or pharmacies.