Bricata Data Sheet

Bricata Data Sheet

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White Paper:
IDS/IPS: The Most Useful Threat Detection Tool You Have


Bricata’s DX and SX appliances offer full feature intrusion prevention in a high efficiency hardware platform. With inspection speeds from 500 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps, the DX and SX appliances are ideal for small to medium business, internal inspection points and remote locations such as retail stores, clinics, remote offices, and forward deployed sites.

Bricata’s next-generation network security sensors are commercial-grade monitoring systems that deliver comprehensive line-rate threat detection, packet capture, file extraction and powerful metadata. Built on the advanced open source IPS engines Bro and Suricata, Bricata sensors offer the most flexible deployment and configuration options to solve critical challenges associated with advanced threats. 

A Need Breed of Defense

Bricata’s solutions include appliance and virtual options for various deployment scenarios including small office and retail store profiles, enterprise sized perimeter defense, and core data center network deployments which are ideal for identifying lateral movement and propagation of security threats inside the network. Here's a look at our appliance portfolio:

Bricata's Appliance Portfolio

Innovation is Essential

Threat actors innovate rapidly, developing new tools and techniques to evade detection by conventional security systems. Effective defense requires flexibility to adapt quickly to these changes and better context around incidents to understand the root cause of an attack and see beyond obfuscation layers.

Open Source Advancements

Conventional IDS/IPS solutions have failed to innovate to effectively defend against contemporary threats. The result has been broad adoption of advanced Open Source technologies like Bro, Suricata, and others. These new tools offer improved signatures for high speed inspection as well as anomaly and behavior-based detection to identify more Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) with greater precision.

Bro + Suricata

By integrating both engines on the same system, customers get a highly efficient system that shares the workload between the engines and expands the scope and accuracy of attacks you can detect at line speed, as well as providing rich metadata such as HTTP, SSL exchanges, file extraction, MD5 hashes, audit and health, and DNS.

Solving Critical Challenges

Bricata provides a flexible, powerful platform that can be applied to solve several critical challenges, cost-effectively:

  • Prevention failure detection
  • Open source security without having to build and maintain your own devices
  • Data plane for SIEM and analytics systems
  • Enterprise-wide visibility and remote location defense
  • Traditional IDS/IPS with improved accuracy and broader threat detection

Bricata's CMC Appliances and Virtual Models

* Power listed is max power supply output. System draw will be less. GX-Series and CMC-M & L are fully redundant.
* The following may significantly impact total analysis throughput, but not limited to:
-- usage of regular expressions in the packet signatures
-- usage of a complete set of Suricacta signatures
-- custom Bro scripts that are not optimized for performance
-- file operations within Bro scripts
-- significant amount of small packets on network link
* Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.