Bricata Data Sheet

Bricata Data Sheet

White Paper: BIY or BUY

White Paper:
Should you BIY or 
BUY Security?

White Paper: IDS/IPS 

White Paper:
IDS/IPS: The Most Useful Threat Detection Tool You Have


Fusing the Security Infrastructure

The cybersecurity solution that detects the known and the unknown by hunting for behavioral anomalies, combined with the Cylance® artificial intelligence engine, reducing the noise and speeding time to containment.

Bricata is delivering the only commercialized Open Source and partner developed malware conviction solution with Suricata + Bro + Cylance providing:

  • Advanced signature-based & pattern matching detecting known threats
  • Scripting to hunt for the unknown threats
  • Predictive machine learning further refining the threat score

The engine fuels the management console and visualization layer enabling the security operations professional to hunt for suspicious behavior and anomalous or untrusted traffic. The addition of the Cylance engine enables protection against the latest threats, such as ransomware and zero-day malware. Bro’s file carving, analysis and scoring provides one more layer of defense and context in filtering alerts, optionally passed to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Log solutions for further review via out of the box APIs.


Cyberthreats continue to advance, be persistent and coordinated in their attacks. According to the Verizon Breach Investigation Report for 2016, 89% of all attacks are financially or espionage motivated. Security Operations Centers must take the same advanced, persistent and coordinated approach to averting attacks as the attackers.

Reducing complexity, dwell time, and time to containment.

Read: Cyberthreat Evolution Shifts Emphasis to Proactive Detection and Prevention to explore the OPM breach and their response to the breach as a prime example of the advanced techniques required in today's cyberthreat world.