An attacker’s greatest strength is their ability to remain hidden after penetrating a network.

There are over 300 Million malware variants released each year, nearly 1 million each day. Further, cyber criminals are organized and persistent - many include crime syndicates and nation-states that will stop at nothing to penetrate high-value targets. Compounding the problem is the fact that networks no longer have traditional boundaries; mobile devices, retail POS systems, telecommuting, and networked partners, all complicate enterprise network defense. Even with the best security systems, policies, and processes in place, odds are that your organization will suffer a successful attack eventually. 

The more time an intruder has on the network, the greater the likelihood of them moving laterally to compromise other systems or access valuable data. Bricata’s high-speed systems enable customers to monitor internal (east/west) and outbound traffic effectively for the first time, without disrupting network performance.

By applying ProAccel's multi-layer inspection capabilities to internal traffic, organizations can finally identify:

  • Suspicious connections and traffic
  • Propagation attempts
  • Lateral movements
  • Malicious file transfers (hacker kits and malware)
  • Outbound command and control communications

And more - quickly and easily.