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Wednesday, 25 May, 2016

Bricata Welcomes Paul Casto as Vice President of Engineering

May 25, 2016.  Columbia, MD – Bricata LLC, developers of high-performance network intrusion prevention security systems, today announced that Paul Casto has joined the company as its Vice President of Engineering.  He previously served as Director of Engineering with both Infoblox, a provider of Network Management appliances, and Telecommunication Systems, a provider of wireless carrier systems.

For over thirty years, Casto has developed and implemented solutions for increasingly challenging problems in information technology systems, networks and telecommunications. “He is an effective contributor at all levels: creative, adaptable and forward thinking,” said John Trauth, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Bricata.

“We are grateful Paul has decided to join Bricata,” Trauth said. “His track record and proven expertise have enabled him to lead numerous teams in developing and maintaining high capacity, highly reliable distributed systems.”

Casto’s particular specialties include: incorporating technology to effect process change; creating integrated solutions; building cohesive teams; developing system architectures; and solving complex technical problems.

A retired U.S. Marine Corps officer, Casto has built a solid reputation with his dedication to quality and supportability in designing and building products to solve real customer needs. He is graduate of the University of Michigan.

About Bricata

Bricata’s solutions are based on decades of engineering experience in the intrusion detection and prevention technology market. Leveraging advancements in high-speed computing and multi-threaded software architecture, Bricata’s solutions are flexible and scalable to meet current and future threat defense requirements.