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Friday, 15 July, 2016

Bricata Announces the Release of ProAccel Version 2.1

Columbia, MD – Bricata LLC, developers of high-performance network intrusion prevention security systems, today announced that the company has released version 2.1 of its ProAccel software. The foundational technology powering Bricata’s high-performance line of intrusion prevention appliances, ProAccel has been enhanced to improve sensor control as well as speed and efficiency for policy deployment. Most notably, the 2.1 release includes a major architecture change that will allow for the rapid integration of other detection engines, such as the Bro Network Security Monitor, which will complement Bricata’s primary IPS engine.

“The changes we’re delivering in version 2.1 really set the stage for an aggressive product roadmap,” explained Paul Casto, Vice President of Engineering at Bricata.  “Our goal is to deliver enhanced value to our customers by providing an IPS platform that can easily incorporate new detection capabilities to better combat dynamic changes in the threat environment – something IPS systems have struggled to do in the past. This release positions us to do exactly that, and it will accelerate future development efforts.”

The new release also includes an upgraded Central Management Console (CMC). Bricata’s CMC is the primary interface used for configuring sensors, managing signatures and policies, viewing alerts, and forwarding logs. ProAccel version 2.1 will expand the number of sensors each CMC can manage, and it also provides more flexible log data output formats to simplify integration with SIEM tools and other analytics platforms. As new detection engines are incorporated into ProAccel appliance and virtual solutions, Bricata’s CMC will be able to manage everything from a single GUI.

Organization that wish to deploy multiple open source IDS/IPS sensors, such as Bro and Suricata, have to manage each device and engine separately, which can quickly become overwhelming. What Bricata offers is an easier, more effective way to leverage open source technology by having everything integrated on a single appliance, and all managed centrally with an intuitive GUI. Customers also get the confidence that comes from having a commercially supported solution at a price point commensurate with building and deploying it themselves.

ProAccel 2.1 will be released to customers as part of the standard software update process beginning today.

About Bricata

Bricata’s mission is to develop innovative, extensible security solutions that deliver superior long-term value to our customers. We specialize in commercial grade next generation intrusion prevention solutions (NGIPS) optimized for multi-location and high bandwidth deployments. Built around leading open source technologies and enhanced for superior usability and performance, Bricata delivers efficient enterprise-class solutions that improve detection rates, alert efficacy, and manageability.

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