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Tuesday, 16 August, 2016

Tim Crothers Joins Bricata’s Board of Advisors

Bricata, LLC, developers of high performance network intrusion detection and prevention solutions, today announced that Tim Crothers has joined the company’s Board of Advisors. Crothers is a 20-year veteran of the cyber security industry, with experience developing some of the most intricate and effective security solutions to combat advanced threats.  He currently serves as Senior Director of Cyber Security at Target, and previously held senior cyber analysis and investigative positions with Mandiant and GE.

“We are honored to have Tim join our board of advisors,” said John Trauth, president and chief executive officer at Bricata. “There are few people in the world with his level of expertise. His insight and guidance will be instrumental in helping Bricata develop advanced solutions that are highly effective at detecting and disrupting adversary activity.”

As part of Crothers’ role, he will provide insight and guidance stemming from extensive front-line experience combating and defeating some of the world’s most persistent and organized cyber adversaries. With deeper understanding of adversary behavior and techniques, Bricata will be able to develop innovative detection technologies to speed the identification and containment of these threats for our customers.

About Bricata
Bricata’s mission is to develop innovative, extensible security solutions that deliver superior long-term value to our customers. We specialize in commercial grade next generation network security sensors optimized for multi-location and high bandwidth deployments. Built around leading open source technologies and enhanced with powerful middleware for superior usability and management, Bricata delivers efficient enterprise-class solutions that improve detection rates, alert efficacy, manageability, and performance at wire speed. 

For more information on the ProAccel high-performance appliance line, please visit our products page.  

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