Advanced Threat Detection & Analytics

Bricata’s enriched network metadata threat analysis gives you the context you need around targeted attacks to help you keep pace with the rapidly changing threat landscape.

Current Situation / Landscape

Make enterprise cybersecurity a business-level priority and cover the full ecosystem of your attack surface.

A specialized component-based approach to today’s advanced, persistent, and coordinated attacks leaves organizations with a stack of tools to manage, a lack of visibility across the network, and inconsistent security policies.

The Questions You Have

What systems were impacted?

Is my organization compromised?

When did it happen?

What was the entry point?

Who was infected first (who is patient zero)?

The Bricata Difference

Integrate Bricata to monitor your full ecosystem in real-time, across the organization, to track malware at rest or in motion. Leverage the visibility Bricata provides to identify security risks and get the insight you need to take actionable steps towards real-time correlation, remediation, and prevention of future attacks. Bricata provides:

  • Enriched network metadata analysis, extending visibility to identify anomalies indicative of threat actors
  • Extensible architecture, providing the power to keep pace with the rapidly changing threat landscape
  • Compatibility with Bro Script, the industry standard for network behavior analysis
  • A customizable engine, allowing the system to be tailored to monitor and focus upon the resources and systems most vital to your organization


Flexible, compound, optimized engine that detects tomorrow’s threats, as well as today’s.


Situational awareness allows identification of how threats operate.

Ecosystem Strength

Extending the value of your existing security ecosystem investments.