Next Gen Network Sensors

Bricata’s appliances offer a high-efficiency solution delivering innovative next generation, full feature intrusion prevention, advanced threat detection and analytics, and threat hunting. This is the only platform that integrates signature inspection, anomaly detection, and malware conviction engine, with all three engines sharing the workload and expanding the scope and accuracy of attacks. Bricata’s high-performance MX and GX hardware platforms provide the power necessary to provide visibility into high speed networks, while Bricata’s VGX virtual appliances provide the flexibility and ease of deployment necessary for today’s networks, both on-premises and AWS.

Innovative NGIPS

Advanced Threat Detection & Analytics

Threat Hunting

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bro eyes

Flexible & Compatible

Bricata’s solution offers the flexibility and performance organizations demand to adapt to changes in threats and adversary behaviors. Our commitment to open data exchange offers easy integration and configuration with other security systems while substantially reducing total cost of ownership.

Right-Size Your Deployment

Organizations that have numerous remote locations present a large attack surface for adversaries. Deploying network-based security solutions to retail stores, bank branches, clinics, offices, or even forward deployed government and military sites is no longer impractical. Bricata’s high-performance, small form factor appliances and virtual solutions make large scale enterprise deployment affordable while delivering superior protection and enhanced situational awareness.

Right Size Deployment

% of attacks are financially or espionage motivated.

Innovation Is Essential

As cyberthreats continue to advance, becoming more persistent and coordinated in their attacks, Security Operations Centers must take the same approach to averting those attacks. Threat actors innovate rapidly, developing new tools and techniques to evade detection by conventional security systems. Effective defense requires flexibility to adapt quickly to these changes and better context.

Solving Critical Challenges

Bricata is a flexible, powerful platform that solves critical challenges cost-effectively.

  • Prevention failure detection
  • Open source security without having to build and maintain your own devices
  • Data plane for SIEM and analytics systems
  • Enterprise-wide visibility and remote location defense
  • Traditional IDS/IPS with improved accuracy and broader threat detection