Suricata Signature Based Detection

Bricata’s detection engine is a high-performance signature engine, compatible with Snort and Suricata rules, optimized for modern hardware.

Bricata is a network cybersecurity solution supplier helping organizations harness the power of complete network visibility to detect, hunt, and prevent threats with the only commercialized open source and partner developed malware conviction engine.

Conventional IDS/IPS systems have lacked the innovation needed to address advanced threats, evidenced by the wide-scale adoption of Open Source solutions. Bro and Suricata are two of the leading engines many teams are using to create tools; but like most open source technologies, they can be difficult to build, deploy, and maintain in-house without the right expertise.

Bricata is closing the gap by delivering the first network security sensors with integrated Bro and Suricata engines. We simplify operations and maintenance with a middleware layer and central management console that makes signature, script, and policy management much easier, and delivers enterprise scalability with enhanced usability and performance.

About Suricata

Suricata is a free and open source, mature, fast, and robust network threat detection engine capable of real time intrusion detection (IDS), inline intrusion prevention (IPS), network security monitoring (NSM), and offline pcap processing. Suricata inspects the network traffic using a powerful and extensive rules and signature language, and has powerful Lua scripting support for detection of complex threats. With standard input and output formats like YAML and JSON integrations with tools like existing SIEMs, Splunk, Logstash/Elasticsearch, Kibana, and other database become effortless. Suricata’s fast paced community driven development focuses on security, usability and efficiency.

The Suricata project and code is owned and supported by the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF), a non-profit foundation committed to ensuring Suricata’s development and sustained success as an open source project.

Optimized Signature Engine

With Suricata, Bricata leverages multi-threaded and multi-processor systems to inspect more traffic and employ a larger rules base. Greater performance means better detection. You can’t detect what you don’t inspect.

 More Rules, Faster Connections

Multiple Threat Intelligence Sources

Powerful Control, Greater Flexibility

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FSISAC Fall Summit

This year, the theme at the Fall summit is Strength in Sharing. Leading the Cyber Generation. As Partners in the Information Security community we have all been challenged in 2017 with the onslaught of DDoS and phishing campaigns with payloads that have included credential stealing malware, destructive malware and ransomware. This summit brings together the best in the field to connect and collaborate.
LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

CyberMaryland 2017

This year, CyberMaryland focuses on Leading the Cyber Generation. Stop by and see Druce MacFarlane on 10/11 @ 1:45P talk False Positives: The Imperative of Improving Data Quality in Security Analytics.
PARTICIPATION: Speaking, Druce MacFarland
LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

IANS 2017 Boston Information Security Forum

An immersive, two-day experience built around actionable, deep-dive technical and leadership sessions all delivered by world-renowned security experts. Not only are we proud to be a sponsor, but look for us on the agenda too! Check out the agenda here, and register today.
PARTICIPATION: Sponsor, Technology Spotlight Leader

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