Technical Specifications

Advanced Threat Detection

Bricata’s MX and GX appliances offer full feature intrusion prevention in a high efficiency hardware platform, while Bricata’s VGX virtual appliances provide the flexibility and ease of deployment necessary for today’s networks. The cybersecurity solution that detects the known and the unknown by hunting for behavioral anomalies, combined with the Cylance® artificial intelligence engine, reducing the noise and speeding time to containment.

Bricata is delivering the only cybersecurity solution that combines signature inspection, anomaly detection, and malware conviction engine into a single integrated platform:

  • Advanced signature-based & pattern matching detecting known threats
  • Scripting to hunt for the unknown threats
  • Predictive machine learning further refining the threat score

With inspection speeds from 500 Mbps to 42 Gbps, Bricata’s appliances are ideal from small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises and data centers. Commercial-grade, the monitoring system delivers comprehensive line-rate threat detection, packet capture, file extraction, and powerful metadata. With flexible deployment and configuration options, rely on Bricata to solve your critical challenges associated with advanced threats.

Security Ecosystem Strength

By integrating enriched alerts from signature inspection with the extensible network metadata collection engines on the same system, customers get a highly efficient system that shares the workload between the engines and expands the scope and accuracy of attacks you can detect at line speed, as well as providing correlated rich metadata such as HTTP, SSL exchanges, file extraction, MD5 hashes, audit and health, and DNS.

Integrating this rich source of data into your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) environment serves to strengthen your security ecosystem, increasing the value of your entire security investment.

Visibility & Metadata Analytics

Bricata’s file analysis and scoring provides one more layer of defense and context in filtering alerts, optionally passed to SIEM and Log solutions for further review via out of the box APIs.

Bricata’s physical and virtual appliances fuel the management console and visualization layer enabling a security operations professional to hunt for suspicious behavior and anomalous or untrusted traffic. The addition of the Cylance engine enables protection against the latest threats, such as ransomware and zero-day malware.