Threat Hunting

Digest and dive deep into alerts and attacks to find the correlations that can lead to targeted threat hunting to help eradicate the threat on the network for the future.

Current Situation / Landscape

Every moment following an initial breach is critical.

A security breach has a devastating impact: operational disruption, lost customers, missed opportunity, a hit to their brand reputation, and in some cases, declining revenue. Malicious actors are taking advantage of expanding attack surfaces and evolving tactics to keep their windows of opportunity open. The results are apparent, quantifiable, and costly. Use the mistakes of other organizations as a learning opportunity and fix the root cause.

The Questions You Have

How dangerous is the threat?

Is there a threat lurking on a trusted device?

What else don’t I know?

If I suspect this device, who else have they contacted?

The Bricata Difference

Dive deep into file activity on a single endpoint and get access to the forensic data you need to stay ahead of the evolving threat. Utilize Bricata’s recording of your environment and pull the information you need to perform targeted threat hunting, helping you eradicate the threat on the network. Bricata provides:

  • Process automation for streamlining operations
  • A customizable analysis engine allowing users to search for behavior patterns unique to newer attacks


Flexible, compound, optimized engine that detects tomorrow’s threats, as well as today’s.


Situational awareness allows identification of how threats operate.

Ecosystem Strength

Extending the value of your existing security ecosystem investments.