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    With High Performance Intrusion Prevention

    Bricata offers industry-leading IPS solutions
    for enterprise-wide threat prevention and
    unparalleled situational awareness.
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  • Find Hidden Attackers

    Breaches will happen eventually.

    Identify and neutralize attackers on your network before they compromise critical systems.
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  • Affordable Scalability

    Protect critical vectors like retail stores, clinics, and remote offices. Bricata’s performance IPS systems make enterprise deployments simple and cost effective.

    Small form factor. High efficiency. Low cost.
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Built on the advanced open source IPS engines Bro and Suricata, Bricata's next generation intrusion prevention solutions (NGIPS) are cost-effective, commercial-grade systems optimized for multi-location and high bandwidth deployments. 

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    Technical.ly Baltimore: Bricata Adds AI to its Cybersecurity Tools

    March 30, 2017 -- By Stephen Babcock -- The Columbia-based startup inked a deal with buzzy cybersecurity company Cylance. The move should help keep more networks safe from cyberharm. Read More

    Bricata Heading to RSA 2017 with Momentum!


    Bricata is headed to the 2017 RSA Conference in San Francisco February 13-17 with momentum stemming from a recent deal with Cylance to strengthen its solution with artificial intelligence and recently being named among “vendors to watch” in the 2017 Gartner report: Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. Read More

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    IDS/IPS: The Most Useful Threat Detection Tool You Have

    Why it’s is so powerful if used properly, and five key reasons why it frequently fails to deliver.

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    Should You Build or Buy Security Solutions?

    Organizations building out security solutions often face the age old dilemma of build versus buy. For network security solutions, there are numerous open source technologies available that might be a good fit for your organization. But what's really involved in building out a sustainable solution and is it the right choice for your team?

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